The Orchard Pre-school Our Curriculum The Orchard provides a “home-from-home” atmosphere - in which children feel comfortable and ready to learn - underpinned by strong educational values. Sessions are led by a happy team of highly trained and professional staff who have worked together for many years. The Orchard’s curriculum is based on the government’s Early Years Foundation Stage areas of learning and development: Communication, Language and Literacy Knowledge and Understanding of the World Physical Development Creative Development Personal, Social and Emotional Development Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy Each term a detailed Learning Plan is drawn up and made available to parents which sets out the learning outcomes for children in every age group. Our staff then tailor these activites for each individual child in their care, making sure that their particular needs and capabilities are provided for. Our aim is to prepare children for primary school - our pupils go on to both private and state education in Oxford and the surrounding area. Many of these schools continue to follow the “Early Years” curriculum which we use at the Orchard. We run special “Preparing for School” sessions for 3+ year olds, and another for 4+ year olds, to aid their transition to school. During these sessions the children work in smaller more focussed groups, giving them the opportunity to increase their concentration levels and improve particular skills, such as pen control and knowledge of numbers, letters and shapes, etc. The children love these sessions and feel that they are doing something exciting and special! The Orchard has close links with Little Milton Primary School. Staff from the Primary School aim to make the transition from pre-school to primary School as smooth as possible and make regular visits to the Orchard. Children from both schools join each other for special events each year, such as Harvest Festival and the Orchard’s nativity play. Individual attention for each child We offer individual attention and a tailor made learning plan for each child. During our recent Ofsted visit the inspectors highlighted the success of our approach in their report: “Staff recognise all children's individual needs and capabilities, and reflect this in their planning” The Orchard operates a “Key Worker” system whereby each child is allocated a specific member of staff who will take a special interest in the individual needs of that child while they are at the Orchard. The Key Workers are responsbile for maintaining a “Red Folder” containing examples of each child’s work and records of their observations, which parents can view to monitor their child’s progress. Parents are also invited to regular “Parent Surgery” sessions to discuss their child’s work and the Red Folder. Parent involvement is another very important part of the Orchard’s ethos. Research shows that when parents are involved in their early years setting their children do better educationally, enjoy closer relationships and benefit from a high quality of care. Click here to read more about parent involvement at the Orchard Activities on offer Some of the many activities we offer include: story time with discussion, singing and nursery rhymes, role-play, craftwork, cooking, sand and water play, construction, outdoor play and, on occasions, well-supervised country walks. We operate a library scheme to encourage the enjoyment of books at home. Our computer facilities help children develop keyboard and mouse skills through the use of educational CD-ROMs. Click here to see our Facebook page with more examples of our daily activities. Special educational needs and disabled access We pride ourselves in creating an environment in which all children, regardless of background and ability, can flourish together and are supported to reach their full potential. Our Supervisor Rose Walker is the school’s SenCo and is trained in the identification and assessment of special educational needs in order to provide appropriate learning opportunities for all children. The Orchard also caters for people with disabilities: there is disabled access to the building by means of ramps, and facilities for the disabled within the building e.g. a disabled toilet. Click here to read our Special Educational Needs Policy Orchard Learning Ofsted Report 2015 - Good       Registered Charity Number - 1028227 Ofsted Report 2015 Staff “Learning                       through play” Parent Involvement